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            Site Established:
            Year 2000

            Start In Business
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             Links to useful sites.
            Site partners.

            Main UK Public Sector

            Business Link sign post line: 0845 600 9006
            British Standards Institute
            Companies House 
            Confederation of British Industry
            Department of Trade And Industry
            Data Protection / Freedom of Information - Information Commissioner's Office
            Health and Safety Executive
            HM Customs and Excise
            Inland Revenue
            Office of Fair Trading
            Trading Standards
            UK Acts of Parliament & Legislation
            The full text of all new Public General Acts since 1988 are available via these Web Pages and updated regularly.
            HM Customs and Excise uktradeinfo website
            Authoritative and up to date knowledge on UK imports and exports.

            Can't find what you're looking for?

            A first entry point to UK public sector information on the internet.

            Research & Business Information.

            Business Fact Files from BBC News.

            horsesmouth - From start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, online mentoring offers great benefits for business. Find and share knowledge in a safe, constructive environment with mentors from every background and business sector.

            ideasfactory.com from Channel4.
            Excellent website for anyone who wishes to get into the creative industries. This website can really open doors for you.

            Chartered Institute of Patent Agents

            The Biz
            Based upon the television programme following the progress of 5 contestants all aiming in their quest to make it in business. The site also contains information from our business doctors.

            Wholesaler/suppliers directory

            Currency Converter by OANDA.com, The Currency Site.

            The UN Statistics Division Common Database
            The UN Common Database is the largest and most comprehensive global statistical database in the world. It covers all countries and areas and uses most major international data sources.

            The London Gazette.
            The London Gazette and its sister publications, the Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes, have a unique position in British publishing. They are official newspapers of the Crown.

            Federation of Small Businesses

            Useful online map of the UK and many other countires of the World.

            Through mentoring budding entrepreneurs TiE has helped create businesses worth more than $250 billion dollars - believed to be the world's most successful networking organization. TiE has more billionaire members than any other non-profit organisation in the world.

            An independent website for small businesses who need to know about using telecoms and the Internet

            Hoover's Online
            The UK base for Hoover's Online, the Web's most comprehensive source of company information. Much of Hoover's information is available for free, with coverage of more than 65,000 companies worldwide. The site includes company descriptions, key competitor and officer information, as well as financials on more than 14,000 public, private and international companies, including the entire FTSE 250. (Hoover's UK also features: Industry listings, Competitive information, News & Share prices )

            Marches Farm Enterprise Partnership.
            Helps farmers who want to diversify their farm business. Website visitors can access business planning advice and support.

            Useful for online shopping. It lists and rates online retailers and offers independent reviews and opinions about each shop.

            Property & Planning

            The National Land Use Database ( NLUD ) is currently being compiled for the UK. This online resource offers planning information pooled from many, but not all, local authority planning departments of the UK.
            Web Site: http://www.nlud.org.uk/

            (UK) The Town and Country Planning (Use Class) Order 1987
            Useful for understanding the standards used for classifiying building use.
            E.g 'A3 Use' = Food and Drink, 'A1' = Shops.

            On-line resource for UK Private Landlords, Tenants and Letting Agents.

            The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
            The SPAB compiles and publishes quarterly a list of historic buildings in need of repair or new use that are for sale or lease. These range from castles to cottages to churches to industrial buildings and prices from ?0,000 to ?0 million.

            Mortgage Best Rate
            Information on lending criteria for commercial financing.

            Mortgage Home
            Explanation of commenrcial mortgages.

            Businesses For Sale

            Our very own 'Businesses For Sale' classified listings.

            Business Sale Report  
            Independent listing of businesses for sale with turnovers of more than
            £500k.  The site also publishes daily listings of business in receivership
            and administration.  Membership of the site is by subscription only.

            Business Positioning
            Getting a business in shape to be sold as a valuable asset.

            Employment issues.

            Stakeholder Pensions Schemes
            Information and advice and an interactive 'decision tree' for employers to find out if they need to provide access.

            Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)
            Commission for Racial Equality
            Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
            Equal Opportunities Commission
            National Minimum Wage
            New Deal
            Time Off for Study or Training
            Working Time Regulations

            Finance and assistance.

            Finance Broker
            The British Venture Capital Association.
            European Investment Bank
            European Investment Fund
            European Information Centres
            Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS)

            Assisting the young into business.

            The Prince's Trust
            Shell LiveWIRE
            Shell LiveWIRE has helped thousands of 16-30 year olds to start and develop their own business. Their free help includes essential information on setting up a business as well as individual support and guidance from experienced business advisers.

            They have a regular a competion, called the Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards, which offers 5 prizes of £1000 each month to innovative new businesses. They also offer The Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award with a prize of £10,000.


            Travelers Currency CheatSheet by OANDA.com, The Currency Site.

            UK's complete online bed and breakfast service

            Workers Cooperatives.

            Industrial Common Ownership Movement Limited

            Public or Private Limited Companies.

            Companies House.
            An online company formations service.

            Network Marketing / Direct Sales.

            Start In MLM - A website dedicated to multi-level-marketing.

            Internet software downloads.

            .net magazine
            The Free Site.
            Lots of free stuff for your Internet site and business.

            Accounting software.


            Fun Stuff.

            The Sheep Game.
            One of the most entertaining uses of Flash.

            Sailing - SmackDock.co.uk

            The UN Statistics Division Common Database

            The UN Common Database is the largest and most comprehensive global statistical database in the world. It covers all countries and areas and uses most major international data sources.

            Paid-for subscription access. Free trial / evaluation available: [Click here]

            El Salvador.

            Setting up a business in: El Salvador


            Business Opportunities Direct. Comprehensive directory of business opportunities with information on work at home and home-based businesses available throughout the USA.

            MyOwnBusiness.org a nonprofit organization which offers a free, online, twelve-session course that provides the basic do's and don'ts for entrepreneurs.

            Nevada Corporate Planners assist businesses incorporating in Nevada or forming a LLC by providing consultation services and forming corporations based upon tax and asset protection.
            A wealth of knowledge for those starting a new entity, S corp, Corp or LLC in the State of Nevada can be found here.

            Cut taxes significantly - detailed information for those businesses who already pay Nevada tax and wish to legally reduce their liability.

            The Erie, Pennsylvania Web site Official Erie, Pa., USA website with 150+ pages on business, lifestyles, tourism, government, events, courtesy Erie Area Chamber for those considering relocation, expansion, investment or visiting region.
            For business assistance information, click on Chamber of Commerce and also on Local Business.


            Xcelerator is Australia's only dedicated professional biotechnology incubator business located in the 'Biohub' of North Ryde, Sydney NSW. Xcelerator provides support to start-up companies working in the biotechnology sector.

            Xcelerator provides an environment and infrastructure which is highly conducive to allowing start-up businesses to get on with the task of developing their new venture and growing rapidly.

            We would be happy to talk with you. Xcelerator is now identifying opportunities which could be incubated both in and outside of our Sydney facility. If you think Xcelerator could help you please email us on info@xcelerator.com.au


            European Information Centres

            www.startbusiness.co.uk Source of links and information for those new to or considering self-employment.

            To submit your Web site for this section send us the name, URL and a short description.

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